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Off The Console And Into The Fire.

Column by columinst Justin on 18 Jul 2011. Please click to view other columns.


Off the Console and Into the Fire


by Justin Millen



It wasn't too long ago, that I was pretty much a single player gamer. Games such as Assassin's Creed, God of War and Mafia II were mainstays in my Playstation 3. As a console gamer, I never really cared to dabble into the many realms of online games that are on the internet as abundantly as pornography and LOLcats!


Then one day, I answered an ad and: Boom! I am here, writing articles and reviewing games I never even thought I would ever play. While my experience is still limited, I have really only played Lord of the Rings Online and Champions Online. I have had my eyes opened. It's not uncommon to hear me say: “Oh this looks pretty sweet!” Games like Vindictus and, The Secret World have caught my eye. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game I simply cannot wait to get my hands on.


I will admit, I still prefer using a controller as opposed to a keyboard and mouse, but I do plan to pick up a copy of DC Universe Online, which, as you know, is not only available on P.C., but Playstation 3 as well.


With a multitude of games available with the free to play format, I am able to sink my teeth into many games. Not only to provide a review for readers, such as yourselves, but for my own gaming pleasure.


Another thing I have learned recently is that not every MMO is filled with the staples of Elves and Orcs. While there are many games are rip-offs of World of Warcraft, some companies offer alternatives. EA Games, for example, has Need For Speed World; which for me personally is a plus. Not only is it free to play, with the exception of select cars that need to be purchased, it's the brand of racing game I flocked to on Playstation 2. I had every NFS game from Underground to Pro Street including three copies of Carbon, one of which was the Collector’s Edition and, another for PSP.


The Secret World is a game I mentioned earlier. It takes place in our world, in modern times, with one minor detail worth mentioning: it has monsters waiting to scare the crap out of you at every turn! Don't believe me? Go to the official site and check out the trailer.


So, what I'm saying, if I'm saying anything, is that perhaps I'll put down my controller for a bit, grab my keyboard and mouse and hop online; which is something I have not done regularly since the original World of Warcraft battle chest that contained the original Warcraft, its sequel and the expansion pack. That was well over 10 years ago, if you don't remember.