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Justin Millen has been an avid gamer since before he could walk. Playing Pac Man and Space Invaders on his dad's Atari 2600. He has followed the gaming world through the console wars of the nineties and now has chosen his side with Playstation 3.

Justin has also frequently been a guest artist at the C4 Comic con which was recently purchased by Wizard World. Justin studied Digital Multimedia at Red River College. He plans to utilize his diverse gaming knowledge as well as education to add content as well as some pop culture flare to Cold Fist Publications.

He spends most of his time reading comics, playing video games and eating grilled cheese. His girlfriend gets the rest of his free time.

He posts on MMONewsWorld as "M1LL3n4211"

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18 Jul 2011  Off The Console And Into The Fire.  General Column 
It wasn't too long ago, that I was pretty much a single player gamer. Games such as Assassin's Creed, God of War and Mafia II were mainstays in my Playstation 3. As a console gamer, I never really cared to dabble into the many realms of online games that are on the internet as abundantly as pornography and LOLcats! Read More