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Jerrod Bacon has been writing for more than ten years and brings a very creative twist to the table. He specializes in the fantasy and sci-fi genres and gathers most of his inspirations from video games, movies and anime. Jerrod prefers games within the RPG, FPS, RTS, Action, Adventure genres, but will play almost anything. He has previously worked for a game company, creating scripts for NPCs as well as the quests for almost a quarter of the world.

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04 Aug 2011  Character Creation In MMOs  General Column 
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02 Aug 2011  The Free-To-Play Movement  General Column 
Recently, big name MMO games like City of Heroes / Villains, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and even World of Warcraft have gone free-to-play. This movement means that these games switched from their monthly subscriptions to either an item mall or membership format where you need to pay for game access. Without adding anything to their games, these companies still found a way to increase both interest in their games and player count within those games. This shift in format, to some, is revolutionary; I see it as logical. Read More