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Privacy Policy




'Cold Fist Publishing Inc.' herein refers to the owner of the website.  'Website' herein refers to, also known as MMO News World.  'User' herein refers to any individual who uses the website to create a personal account or posts information in the form of blogs or postings in the forums operated by the owner.


Cold Fist Publishing Inc. is the body responsible for the collection of its website users' personal information and accountable for the uses of that information.  In accordance with the laws of Canada and Manitoba, Cold Fist Publishing Inc. agrees to not rent, sell or give private user information to any third party unless required to do so by law. 


Exceptions to this policy are:

a.) When a user posts personal or demographic information in a forum acknowledged as public, Cold Fist Publishing Inc. is not liable or accountable for the use or misuse of that information by a third party.


b.) When a user posts information, either in a forum acknowledged as public or private, that pertains to hurting themselves or others, and the owner, moderator or other users of the website believe to be true in intent, Cold Fist Publishing Inc. reserves the right to contact the appropriate authorities.


Cold Fist Publishing Inc. operates in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and acknowledges that the users of its website and any other digital holdings have a right to view any personal information held by the company pertaining to that particular user.  Requests for a users personal information must be done in writing, by the user themselves or a designated legal representative, to .


If a user feels at anytime that their personal privacy has been compromised they are strongly encouraged to report incidents to Cold Fist Publishing Inc. in writing to or to the Manitoba Ombudsman Office at (204)982-9130 or toll free, in Manitoba, at 1-800-665-0531