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About Us


Here at Cold Fist Publishing, Inc., we specialize in delivering you the latest news and updates in the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). Cold Fist is comprised of gamers just like you, and just like you, we don't want to search through a plethora of websites to find what we need. That is why we have set out to create an online one-stop-shop, that is free to use, for gamers to browse and find out what they need. No more tedious hunting random web pages for a review or walk-through that you don't even know if they have!


Not only will content (various articles and reviews) be added for your viewing pleasure; you can add your own reviews and blog about to your favorite games. This will help make a unified community for all MMOG players across the world! Post on forums and let us hear what you have to say.


On the business side of things, our site is a viable way to advertise with class, to a diverse and unique audience. Contact us to see how our vision can help your business meet it's goals!