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General - Column

In the Massively Multi Online (MMO) games, the biggest issue for me is looking like everybody else that is playing these games. How is it that massively multi means all you get to pick from, to “change it up”, is a character’s hair, eyes and basic clothing options? That doesn’t cut it for me. A MMO gamer should never see a duplicate of their personal character. It is fine to see similar qualities in the outfit, but it should be near impossible for a player to make something that another person has already created. There are amazing games out there that capitalize on character creation for me and they are City of Heroes, Aion and APB: Reloaded. These games take the character creator to a whole new level and allow players to lose themselves in several hours just customizing the look of their characters. Read More

Posted on 04 Aug 2011 by Jerrod

General - Column

Recently, big name MMO games like City of Heroes / Villains, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and even World of Warcraft have gone free-to-play. This movement means that these games switched from their monthly subscriptions to either an item mall or membership format where you need to pay for game access. Without adding anything to their games, these companies still found a way to increase both interest in their games and player count within those games. This shift in format, to some, is revolutionary; I see it as logical. Read More

Posted on 02 Aug 2011 by Jerrod

General - Column

It wasn't too long ago, that I was pretty much a single player gamer. Games such as Assassin's Creed, God of War and Mafia II were mainstays in my Playstation 3. As a console gamer, I never really cared to dabble into the many realms of online games that are on the internet as abundantly as pornography and LOLcats! Read More

Posted on 18 Jul 2011 by Justin