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EVE Online - News

A Christmas surprise from CCP is waiting for you: One 60 Day Trial Key for you to do with as you please. Use it, share it with your friends, give it to soon-to-be EVE player you want by your side in times of trouble - the choice is yours! The Trial Key is ready and waiting for you at the Account Management page under Services -> Voucher Center. It comes in the form of a CD key and is in no way traceable back to your account or character, so you can give it to anyone you wish without hesitation. Read more about the gift in this dev blog and please use this forum thread for feedback and discussion. Read More

Posted on 02 Dec 2011 by Denis

Mortal Online - News

An ancient order of priests in the employ of the Most Majestic Tindremic Emperor has warned His Majesty that the auguries are showing a strange and rare alignment. They have asked the Emperor to pay homage to some of their older writings kept in the catacombs of Tindrem. The Priests have asked the Emperor to provide six of the finest warriors from the land to undergo a trial: for they believe that Malturn will walk the land again soon and that they will need their help to vanquish him should he appear as foretold... Read More

Posted on 01 Dec 2011 by Denis

Mortal Online - News

New territory control is out, new craftable weapons and rebalance and much more! Every player gets 5 free day's as well. Read More

Posted on 24 Nov 2011 by Denis

World of Warcraft - News

Chuck Norris is a hunter! in this new World of Warcraft commercial! Read More

Posted on 23 Nov 2011 by Denis

MapleStory - News

This Thanksgiving, Nexon and Game Coins are teaming up to thank you for your support with a chance to win up to 375,000 NX! Read More

Posted on 16 Nov 2011 by Denis

LEGO Universe - News

Building-block MMOG to close after just over a year on the market, taking developer Play Well Studios with it; Lego cites difficulty converting non-paying customers to subscribers. Read More

Posted on 05 Nov 2011 by Denis