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Game Details: APB: Reloaded

       Genre:Real-Life | Status:Released (est.rel 29 Jun 2010) PVP: Yes

APB: Reloaded Overview

The game takes place in San Paro. The city is split into three groups, the criminals, the enforcers, and the blanket of wandering pedestrians. Enforcers are the vigilante Justice League of the game; the guys with a heart of gold but who have enough of a rough edge to nick cars from women. Criminals are criminals; a race of bastards encouraged to graffiti on walls and shoot passers-by.

Both factions are generally identical, fuelled on the PVP-based urge to shoot and kill, but the primary difference is the morality rating that encourages players to play their role accordingly. APB have swapped the traditional XP-levelling system for a Notoriety/Prestige rating that punishes the Enforcer who shoots up a crowd and praises the Criminal who does the same.

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