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Game Details: Mortal Online

       Genre:Fantasy | Status:Released (est.rel 09 Jun 2010) PVP: Yes

Mortal Online Overview

Mortal Online is a Swedish-made PvP-focused First-Person Shooter that allows players to integrate themselves into a skill-based combat system based on the Unreal Engine.

Mortal online has an FFA (Free-For-All) Player versus Player system, with consequences for killing other players in the form of “flags”, which change from blue (innocent) to grey (allowed) to red (murderer). Being "allowed" in Mortal Online means that other players can either attack you without being flagged themselves, or can call the guards. Doing other crimes in game also changes one's flag to "allowed". For example, getting caught picking pockets. Mortal Online also has a strict death penalty compared to other popular MMOGs. When a player dies, they lose every item in their inventory. This death penalty allows for there to be bandits, because a player can jump out of your standard dark alley, kill a person, and steal their junk.

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