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Game Details: Asheron's Call

       Genre:Fantasy | Status:Released (est.rel 01 Nov 1999) PVP: Yes

Asheron's Call Overview

Taking place in a heroic, fantasy-themed universe, Asheron's Call allows players to choose between six races and add skill points into different attributes, such as strength, coordination and quickness. The game is skill-based as opposed to class-based, allowing players to remain free of being locked into a single class.

Among the more unique features of the game, Asheron's Call allows one player to become a vassal of a patron of a higher level character, who then benefits from a small amount of experience that the vassal makes. As well, the game does not use character level as a major determining factor in battle. Level simply determines which skills and items are available, and so players may win against a much higher level opponent, or lose to one whose level is far beneath his own.

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