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Game Details: Battleground Europe: WWII Online

       Genre:Historical | Status:Released (est.rel 04 Jun 2001) PVP: Yes

Battleground Europe: WWII Online Overview

Battleground Europe: WWII Online is a unique take on the MMOFPS genre, with you assuming the role of either a Navy, Air Force, or Army soldier. With a massive 1/2 scale map of Europe, WWII online offers a rare chance to be a part of history as you attack and defend objectives. With planes, boats, tanks, and other vehicles and period-appropriate weapons you will never have to fight alone as you battle with fellow players.


Teams are set up in a classic military chain-of-command, with the soldiers recieving orders from Squad Leaders and Commanders. The learning curve is steep, and the graphics may not be the most current-gen experience, but Battleground Europe is a rewarding challenge for anyone looking for a MMOFPS that does its best to change the tried-and-tired FPS formula.

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