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Game Details: Beyond Protocol

       Genre:Sci-Fi | Status:Released (est.rel 21 Nov 2008) PVP: Yes

Beyond Protocol Overview

Beyond Protocol is an MMORTS set in a future where scientists are attempting to open wormholes in order to traverse the universe. What sets Beyond Protocol apart from other MMORTS's is it's dedication to making you feel like the leader of a planet. Each player is given a homeworld which they are tasked with building and defending. Units in the game are fully customizable, allowing each player to tweak his or her units to suit their needs and playing style.

Beyond Protocol also offers the option of controlling your empire through portable devices and email. Beyond Protocol is as much an empire-building sim as it is a space-sim. Your planet continues to grow and build even after you log off the server, and the game encourages you to travel the galaxy and meet other players.

You can choose to form alliances with these players, or go to war with them in an attempt to take their homeworlds. As much an RTS as it is a space-simulator, Beyond Protocol offers a fresh blend of two well-known genres, and once you get past the steep learning curve, gives a unique and varied experience.


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