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Game Details: Blade Wars

       Genre:Fantasy | Status:Released (est.rel 01 Jan 2010) PVP: Yes

Blade Wars Overview

Blade Wars is a unique MMORPG in the sense of its heavy emphasis on stylish, kung-fu fighting. The developers claim that over 380,000 moves and 99 fighting styles were created specifically for the game. With special attention paid to PvP combat, the upper tiers in this game can be brutal and merciless.

Blade Wars also sports an impressive mythology, with an Eastern-flavour providing the culture for the game. Each area in the game has a specific feel to it, a culture that is its own. Players are given a choice of 5 different classes, Warlock, Assasin, Knight, Shura, or Warrior.

Each class comes with its own moves and fighting styles, and players are encouraged to experiment to find the one that works for them. With its focus on bone-crushing fighting moves and styles, its rich mythology, and overall sense of uniqueness makes Blade Wars a game worth trying.


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