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Game Details: Blitz 1941

       Genre:Historical | Status:Released (est.rel 11 Nov 2009) PVP: Yes

Blitz 1941 Overview

Blitz 1941 is an MMO tank combat simulation game set in the German-Soviet conflict of World War 2. You command one of 60 different tanks, and wage war against other players and cities. Battles range from quick skirmishes to full-blown battles with the ability to have up to 3000 players on the same server. You can improve your tank with various upgrades, purchased through the item mall.

Using the rewards you recieve from battling, you can upgrade your character, upgrade your tank, or even purchase new tanks in order to get the perfect edge over your opponents. A big feature of Blitz 1941 is the city-combat system. There are 15 major historic cities in the game, each catagorized as either a metropolitan city, a small city, a munitions city, or a commercial city.

Each city has unique characteristics and is represented differentally based on type. The way the terrain has been programmed in Blitz 1941 allows players to use it to their own tactical advantages, which gives the combatants the chance to fight smarter, rather then harder.

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