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Game Details: City of Heroes

       Genre:Super-Hero | Status:Released (est.rel 27 Apr 2004) PVP: Yes

City of Heroes Overview

City of Heroes is an action-MMORPG that puts you in the boots of a superhero, battling evil in the city of Paragon City. Madmen, criminals, murderers, and crazed geniuses with doom-lasers all threaten Paragon City, and it is up to you to put on your snazzy suit, and get down to some serious butt-kicking.

Unlike many other MMORPG's, City of Heroes is fast-paced and focused on just having fun. No level-grinding or vague, confusing quests. It is an experienced designed for everyone to enjoy, so even the newest of MMORPG players can get all giggly while blasting bad-guys.


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