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Game Details: City of Villains

       Genre:Super-Hero | Status:Released (est.rel 31 Oct 2005) PVP: Yes

City of Villains Overview

City of Villains is an action-MMORPG by developer Paragon Studios. Being a superhero is all good and fun. But sometimes you just want to create a little chaos. Or a lot of chaos. Or you just want to steal the moon or shoot doom-lasers from your evil tower. Sometimes you just need to fulfil the innate human desire to cause destruction. Paragon Studios has heard your cry, and they answered with City of Villains.

City of Villains follows much the same formula as City of Heroes. However instead of trying to save Paragon City, you are trying to bring it to its knees, and all the superheroes with it. Rise from a measly thug at the bottom of the criminal slag-pile to a maniacal madman bent on causing all sorts of chaotic tom-foolery. With the same fast-paced fun of City of Heroes, City of Villains is a great way to relieve the stress that comes from not being a mad genius with a talking brain-in-a-jar.


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