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Game Details: Corum Online

       Genre:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled/Shutdown (est.rel 15 Feb 2007) PVP: Yes

Website Is Not Available.

Corum Online Overview

Corum Online is aging Korean game that was brought over to North America recently by the popular games portal gPotato. Corum Online is not the most attractive game but does have several redeeming qualities. The first of which is the unique use of a world map reminiscent of old console RPGs like Final Fantasy 7.

 When players leave town, they find themselves in a large overworld with towns, dungeons, and other zones represented by large icons. Fortunately there are no random encounters in the world map, combat takes place in dungeons or player hosted arenas. There are a total of 6 classes to chose from in Corum but players cannot select their race or gender.


This game has been cancelled and is no longer available to play.

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