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Game Details: Dark Age of Camelot

       Genre:Fantasy | Status:Released (est.rel 01 Sep 2001) PVP: Yes

Dark Age of Camelot Overview

Dark Age of Camelot is an MMORPG that definitely lives up to its "massivley multiplayer" designation. With a heavy focus on realm vs. realm combat, battles can range from a small skirmish to a full-blown assault with up to 100 players. With 44 classes spanning 18 races in 3 worlds, Dark Age of Camelot can never be accused of being small. The sheer amount of content in Dark Age of Camelot can be staggering to new players, but once you get aquainted with the game you will be blown-away by just how much stuff is in this game. You could spend hundreds of hours playing and still not get close to "finishing" the game. The bitter realm-to-realm combat and gritty atmosphere alone make Dark Age of Camelot a rewarding experience, but the huge amount of content is the real icing on the cake. A definite must-play.

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