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Game Details: Dead Frontier

       Genre:Real-Life | Status:Released (est.rel 08 Apr 2008) PVP: Yes

Dead Frontier Overview

Dead Frontier is a post-apocalyptic MMOFPS by developer Jagged Blade Software. In Dead Frontier you take on the role of the survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Naturally, the only thing standing between you and safety is about a million undead who are holding dinner forks and rubbing their tummies in anticipation of some tasty brains. Or perhaps that is to say, 'Braaaaiiinnns'. Use over 100 weapons, from baseball bats to grenade launchers to dismember the brain-hungry beaties. Join up with other survivors to better your odds of survival. Or murder them in brutal PvP combat. Because nothing makes more sense in a zombie-apocalypse then killing off the people that could help you make it out alive. But if you're hungering for some zombie-blasting badassery, you can't beat Dead Frontier.

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