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Game Details: Dragon Oath

       Genre:Fantasy | Status:Released (est.rel 29 Oct 2009) PVP: Yes

Dragon Oath Overview

Dragon Oath is the American name for the award-wining free-to play MMO which exploded with popularity in China under the name Tian Long Ba Bu. Since 2007 Dragon Oath in all it's incarnations has been ranked amongst the five most profitable game franchises in the world by Forbes, and now has over 75 million players worldwide.

Set in ancient China during the time of the Song Dynasty in 960 AD, Dragon Oath mixes historical fact with ancient mythology, creating a unique blend of historical and fantasy game sensibilities. This is best displayed in how the story's main characters are modeled after the Demi-Gods of Buddhist Lore who are both divine and mortal.

With nine playable classes, a martial arts play style and a slew of robust features --such as a family building system that allows you to marry, raise a family and acquire bonuses for working with family members, or the ability to raise and breed pets-- Dragon Oath comes to the free-to-play arena with plenty to see, do, and do battle with. Adding even more value to this package is the intriguing break-in game events and mini-game system which offers a wide range of single or multiplayer modes and quests, all packaged around a solid guild building system.

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