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Game Details: DragonSky

       Genre:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled/Shutdown (est.rel 01 Sep 2010) PVP: Yes

Website Not Available

DragonSky Overview

Dragon Sky is one of Aeria Game’s newest MMORPGs and has a heavy emphasis on martial arts. Without a doubt, Dragon Sky is the fastest paced MMORPG that Aeria currently publishes and possibly one of the fastest paced MMORPGs out there. Combat is silky smooth and involves attacking numerous targets at once. Combat animations are absolutely gorgeous and are based off real martial arts, making the game feel a bit more unique than most MMORPG grindfests. Perhaps the most unique aspect of Dragon Sky is the game’s enormous amount of variety. With no set classes, players can ‘build’ their character in any way they’d like by mastering any combination of the game’s five weapon skills.


DragonSky was a free-to-play MMORPG. It has since been shut-down.

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