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Game : Newest installment of the City of Heroes signature arc now available
Posted on Nov 09, 2011 by admin.

By the end of the first signature arc for City of Heroes, one of the game's signature heroes from the Freedom Phalanx will be dead.

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Game : Double XP Delay
Posted on Jul 26, 2011 by Jerrod.

Due to an unexpected issue, City of Heroes and City of Villains will be getting their Double XP weekend during August 11 - 14 instead of the original July 28 and July 31. They know what the issue i...

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Game : Facepalm goes ingame
Posted on Jul 22, 2011 by Jerrod.

Nothing says fail more than a facepalm, City of Heroes will be giving 5000 people codes to enter and unlock the facepalm emote for their accounts. Now when somebody screws up, you will be able to a...

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Game : SDCC Updates
Posted on Jul 21, 2011 by Justin.

City of Heroes' Archon Helios has posted on the game's officail forums from the heart of SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) with the following revealed updates for City of Heroes.



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Game : Publish!
Posted on Jul 20, 2011 by Jerrod.

The european and North American servers for City of Heroes will be down for some time as they are doing a Publish. They have also said that they will not be having a Thursday maintenance because of...

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Game : Double Exp Weekend!
Posted on Jul 17, 2011 by Jerrod.

City of Heroes is offering players a special summer deal. July 28 from (9:00am) until July 30 (11:59pm) is Double Experience weekend. So strap up your boots and grab your masks, you should be busy ...

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Game : NCSoft Launcher Swap
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 by Justin.

City of Heroes announced today that they will be switching to the NCSoft launcher as well as steam, here's what they had to say.


City of Heroes Launcher no longer in use from...

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Game : Reminder of Server Downtime
Posted on Jun 28, 2011 by Justin.

City of Heroes has released the following reminder to players that Issue 20 is being released today and they server will have some downtime.



REMINDER! Issue 20...

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Game : Issue 20 Update
Posted on Jun 28, 2011 by Justin.

City of Heroes latest update has arrived today, make sure to get it! The following is an overview that was posted recently on the official City of Heroes website.




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Game : City of Heroes Freedom Launch
Posted on Jun 21, 2011 by Justin.

City of Heroes is getting an overhaul and quasi re-launch. City of Heroes Freedom is the new title and it is fitting. You will now have the freedom to play how you wish. Pay for the features you wa...

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