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Angels Online: Review
created by: on 08 Jun 2011

Here is a review for Angels Online from Omer Altay of MMOHut.


Angels Online Review
By Omer Altay

Angels Online is an interesting little gem of an MMORPG that I only recently discovered.  The game’s overall graphic style is unique as well.  The graphics look a bit like a mix between Ragnarok Online and Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu.  Angels Online has a large population, an incredible amount of variety and a great crafting and resource gathering system.  Sounds like a recipe for a good game doesn’t it? Well, it sort of is.  It’s definitely one of the best games IGG has to offer and well worth checking out if you’re looking for a new MMORPG to try.

First Impressions

Upon installing and launching Angels Online I was immediately impressed by the game’s character customization options.  I was able to select from twelve different hairstyles, thirty-six hair colors and twenty-six skin colors.  You can also set your birthday, blood type, job and personality, but I’m pretty sure these options don’t do anything, so try and have fun with them.  The game’s customization is certainly no Perfect World, but it’s still significantly better than most MMORPGs, considering some don’t even let you select your gender.  The game’s character selection screen quickly reminded me of Ragnarok Online, and upon actually logging into the game, the overall feel and camera of the game was also similar to that of Ragnarok, as the game has an overhead style camera.  Upon entering the world of Eden I was quickly introduced to the game’s tutorial, which is fairly short and informative.  The game’s overall combat and movement felt fluid and well-paced.  You can select your character’s class almost immediately after you log in to the game, and this is somewhere that Angels Online really shines.

What’s the difference between a Warrior, A Swordsman and a Spearman?

So what is it?  How about the difference between Magicians, Summoners and Wizards?  Sure, they’re all synonyms, but in Angels Online they’re unique classes.  Perhaps the game’s most notable aspect is its large selection of playable classes.  The game has a total of five melee classes, four magic user classes and five crafting classes for a total of fourteen playable classes.  Sure there are only subtle differences between Spearman and Warrior, but the fact that the game has so many classes adds a great deal of variety.  I’m tired of playing games with only three or four playable classes, so the fact that Angels Online has variety is a welcomed change.

Skills to Pay the Bills

The skill system in Angels Online is fairly simple, yet creative.  Players ‘level’ their skills separate from their player level.  The more a single skill or weapon is used, the more proficient the user becomes with it.  For example, every time my Wizard casts ‘Magic Bomb’ my character becomes more proficient at casting all ‘chaos’ spells.  If I want to improve my characters ‘Meditate’ skill I need to cast Life, Chaos, Wraith, or Earth spells.  It’s actually a pretty innovative system, as most free MMORPGs utilize a much simpler skill tree system.  I’ve actually always preferred a steady skill progression system over simply distributing skill points, but this system is unfortunately easy to exploit by botters.  Players can simply set up macros to cast ‘buffs’ on themselves every few minutes just to level up their skills without putting themselves in any danger.  Then again, botters can ruin any game, so Angels Online can’t be blamed for this.  Some players may be turned off by the game’s ‘passive’ progression, as both skills and attributes grow on their own without any user input.  I personally would have liked to have a skill tree or talent tree like system in conjunction with what the game already has, so players have more control over their character, but overall the game’s skill system is still satisfying.

Resource Gathering and Production

Since five of the game’s classes are dedicated to crafting, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Angels Online has a fairly extensive crafting and resourcing gathering system.  Just about every class has the ability to mine and gather resources, but only the crafting classes can make use of the raw materials.  Newbie players should gather resources whenever they can, as crafters in the game are usually more than willing to help other players.

Other Features

Another thing worth mentioning about Angels Online is that the game has a creative way to distribute the game’s population across its map.  Nearly all of the hunting areas have three identical versions of that map that players have to select upon ‘zoning’ into the area.  This prevents any single one of the maps being overcrowded.  Angels Online has all the traditional MMORPG staples like guilds, questing, and pets as well. Like Magic World Online and Godswar Online, Angels Online has a built in game bot called “Angel Baby” which can be used to automatically level up your character while away from the computer.  This makes experience gain in the game incredibly fast.  The built in bot is quite complex, and can be set to use potions, skills, and even re-purchase healing items.

One small complaint I have with Angels Online is that the game had a pretty lousy interface.  I’m usually pretty critical of a game’s interface, as a poor interface can really hurt even a great game.  The interface in Angels Online just feels like it’s from 1999.  All of the information is there, it just isn’t presented well.

Final Verdict – Good

Angels Online is an overall satisfying game.  It has a large variety of playable classes and a large player population.  Give it a try!


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