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Reviews on Game Chaos Online

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MMOHut's Review of Chaos Online
created by: on 08 Jun 2011

Chaos Online Review
By MMOHut's Omer Altay


Chaos Online is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG with some sci-fi elements thrown into the mix. If you’ve never heard of Chaos Online before you’re not alone. The game was actually just released around the beginning of 2009, but the game failed to attract a sizeable playerbase. As it stands, that’s really one of my biggest complaints with the game, as I personally dislike MMORPGs with small communities. What really makes an ‘MMORPG” fun is the ‘massively multiplayer’ aspect of it, as without that, it’s just a single player role playing game, and unfortunately that’s what Chaos Online Feels like. I really can’t stress this enough, because when I say the game feels like a single player game, I’m not kidding because throughout all the hours I spent playing the game, I only bumped into THREE other player characters. That’s it. The towns are almost always deserted and bumping into players while hunting is incredibly rare.


Okay. It’s Not Massively Multiplayer, but is it good?
Well this question is sort of difficult to answer. Chaos Online is…. different. The game has a lot of the generic staples that most MMORPGs have today (like guilds, PvP and crafting), but the one really unique thing that the game has is it’s ‘Robot system’. The ‘robot system’ is basically a built in ‘bot’ for the game that levels a player’s character while that player is physically away from the computer. This isn’t exactly a revolutionary concept, as EnjoyMMO’s (The publisher of Chaos Online) other game, Magic World Online has this exact same feature, but better. The built in ‘bot’ in Magic World Online is a lot more customizable and capable than the one in Chaos Online. Actually come to think of it…


Chaos Online is a Magic World Online Clone!
It’s hard to believe, but, Chaos Online feels far too similar to Magic World Online for it to be a coincidence.  Why on earth would a publisher launch a game that’s almost identical to one of their other games? Well, I’m not sure, but EnjoyMMO certainly isn’t the only company to do it. TQ Digital, the publisher of Eudemons Online and Zero Online has a lot of games that feel like clones of each other. Heck, just about all of TQ Digital’s games are far too similar to each other. If you’ve ever played any two of them you’d certainly agree with me. Okay, so how are Chaos Online and Magic World Online so similar? Well in just about every aspect. Both games have the same graphics style, similar interface, same skill system and similar skill animations. It’s almost as if EnjoyMMO just took the source code for Magic World Online and tweaked it a bit by changing the sprites and graphics a tad. In case you’re wondering which game is better, I would say that Magic World Online is hands down a better and more enjoyable game.


What Chaos Online did Right.
Chaos Online certainly looks like a flop, as the game has absolutely no community and no innovative features, but it did have a few things that I liked. The skill system, for example, is fairly good, as individual skills ‘level up’ based on how many times they’re used; sort of like the RF Online skill system. Having skills progress independently from player levels is a great way to make a game feel more customizable. Another aspect of Chaos Online that I really liked was the game’s mount system. The game gives a free mount to everyone at level 10, which certainly ups the enjoyment of the game as players can move around the game’s world much easier with a mount. Players can purchase faster and better mounts if they’d like to later on, but the fact that the game gives away a basic mount to all players so early on is certainly a plus. Perhaps the best feature in Chaos Online is the game’s map, as players can use it to easily travel from one point to another, as simply clicking a location on the map will make your character automatically run to that point. Aside from easy movement, the map actually marks what sort of enemies are in the area, which is incredibly useful.


What Chaos Online Didn’t do right.
Like most MMORPGs, Chaos Online has absolutely no character customization. The only thing that players can customize on their character is a small picture that sits next to their character profile. That’s it. Since changing the character picture has absolutely no effect on the actual character model, it really doesn’t matter which one you pick. Chaos Online also only has three playable classes; Warrior, Mage/Paladin and Archer/Gunman. That’s right, for some reason ‘Mage/Paladin’ is one class rather than two. I can understand Archer/Gunman being one class, but a ‘mage’ and a ‘paladin’ are two completely different archetypes! The game also has two playable races: the Genotians and the Natarians. On top of the extremely limited number of classes (three), each of the classes are gender specific, so you won’t even be able to pick if you want to play a male or female character. Seriously, why do games do this? Does it really take that much programming to allow a player to pick which gender they want to play? I think the developers are just getting lazy. To be fair, though, Chaos Online isn’t the only game with gender specific classes. In fact, a lot of games have it, which is unfortunate.


Final Verdict – Fair
Chaos Online is a functional MMORPG with some interesting features, but the fact is Magic World Online is just superior to it in every measurable way. If you’re interested in Chaos Online, give Magic World Online a try instead.


Pros: +Crafting System. +Mounts. +No grinding (built in bot levels for you). +Skills level up independently from character levels. +Pets. +Upgradeable weapons.


Cons: -Zero character customization. -Few classes / races. -Unappealing interface. -Dull combat. -No community.



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