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Battlestar Galactica Online: Review
created by: on 09 Jun 2011

Here is a review for Battlestar Galactica Online from Curtis Reynolds of Gamer-UK.


Battlestar Galactica Online Review
I was really excited getting into BSGO, I figured it’d be EVE, without the bad parts, i.e. the Download size and the P2P thing, and for the most part, I was right, it’s a HUGE game universe, with separate galaxies and sectors, which serve primarily to break up the game to smaller bitesize chunks, each more difficult to traverse than the last,  a huge player base to say it’s a browser game with very limited target audience, and hell, these Humans and Cylons fight patriotically on par with WoW’s Horde and Alliance fanboys, it was also a nice break from the “basic” Hack and Slash KRPGs that have been becoming more and more popular since well, the beginning of time.


The graphics in the game are far beyond anything I expected from a browser based game made by an German developer, they look amazing, the particle effects are great, and the detail that has gone into each sprite, player or npc/mob is on par with EVE, the planets look great, the stars look great as you fly past hundreds of  them at 300km/h – WAIT WHAT, i hear you shout. Yes, the game makes the age old mistake of having stars as tiny little lights that fly past you as you move around the world, it winds me up, it probably winds you up too, but it’s tiny, and it only started bothering me when I started on this review, but yes, as i was saying the graphics in the game are lovely, and they cause no problems with the gameplay, you know where you are, where you’re going and how to get there.


The gameplay itself is very nice, it plays in a very similar way to Ace Online, if you’ve ever been on it, or Infinite Undiscovery if you’re a Squeenix fan, you are in direct control of the ship, The space bar activates the boost, right click and mouse move directs the ship, and you simply select an enemy and toggle on your laser to shoot it down, where the only input you have to make is directing your ship at said baddie, it saves you the trouble of having to manually fire each shot, and miss every time. The out of ship gameplay is quite clunky, but it serves only to allow you to dock, buy and sell equipment and pick up new assignments in your faction hub, there is no player interaction inside the hub, and it feels kind of odd, that you would be the only pilot on the Galactica, the PVP in game is incredible, the battles can be huge, server wide affairs that last a long time, they allow players to capture sectors for their faction, which then serve as a hub to repair, buy/sell gear, and re-spawn from upon death, but offer no monetary or experience gain benefits, another point to the PVP in smaller sectors is that you will often kill a player without noticing that you have, since their name does not show up any differently (graphically) than an enemy mob, it makes the game a little more realistic in that way.


The sound and music in the game is incredible, The SFX in-game was created by the guys at AneFX, the same studio that made the SFX for the 4 BSG TV series, and you can tell, the Music is very nicely done, some of it is re-used from the original BSG and later series, but some is also used from the recent cancelled BSG prologue that is Caprica, and this music, surprisingly, as there are no space battles, or in fact, scenes, in the entirety of the show, fits very nicely into the atmosphere, watching the show will make you want to play the game, playing the game makes you want to watch the shows, it’s that good old Oblivion Syndrome again, back to rope us in after just a few notes.


THE LAG, OH GOD THE LAG. BSGO needs better servers, it goes without saying, regardless of the fact that I just said it, all controls are server side, so you aren’t gonna see the lag as you would in COD or WoW, its just incredibly unresponsive, it’s not too bad of a problem when you’re cruising around just chillin’ or mining an asteroid, but when you’re in combat, and the enemy droid is flying circles around you and you can’t find the time to turn in order to shoot it, it makes the game really grind on you, after the second time this happens you’ll never want to play it again, but give it a chance, problems can be worked out, and i’m sure they will before long, remember, Beta is Beta, and Beta is only good when it comes to Minecraft.

[Makes me HNNNNG] The music in the game is incredible, it really fits the atmosphere and makes you want to play more. The graphics, for a browser game are incredible, hell for a client game they are nice, but we’d love to see more, and Simple automatic weaponry, save us with the worst of the lag, and us with the worst of the aim from missing constantly.

[Makes me Weep] The lag in-game is almost game-breaking, i don’t think the developers really expected quite as big a turnout for the game, and really weren’t prepared for such an influx of players, However, i’ve recieved mail from the developers, and am looking forward to a better experience. The out of ship gameplay is boring and clunky, it feels kind of wrong, it would have been better served with just a menu IMO, but developers will develop.


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