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Reviews on Game Blitz 1941

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MMOHut's Review of Blitz 1941
created by: on 09 Jun 2011

Blitz 1941 Full Review
By MMOHut's Omer Altay


Blitz 1941 is a unique tank strategy MMO published by a relatively unknown, small company called TwoWar, which specializes in ‘World War Based Historical MMOGs’. The only other game this company publishes is a 2D naval strategy game called ‘Navy Field’, which plays a lot like Blitz 1941. It actually woulnd’t be too much of a stretch to say Blitz 1941 is an exact duplicate of Navy Field, but with tanks instead of ships.  It’s not at all surprising that TwoWar only publishes two games, as the World War Historical MMOG market isn’t that big. One thing worth pointing out right away is that unless you’re someone who really loves both World War 2 and Tanks, Blitz 1941 won’t keep you entertained for too long.


Starting Out


Upon registering an account and actually logging into Blitz 1941 for the first time, players will be prompted tocreate a character, also called a ‘tankman’, for one of the game’s two factions – The Third German Empire or Soviet Union. Each faction has its own unique selection of tanks and upgrades that mirror what each side had during World War 2. The Germans will have tanks like Panzers and Tigers, while the Soviets have T-35 and KV-1s. The game boasts over sixty playable tanks and many customizable parts, so there’s a lot to do in terms of customization. Players are free to create multiple characters so they can experience what each side has to offer. Personally, I enjoyed playing as the Soviets more, largely because the game loops the catchy Soviet anthem while in the lobby area. I strongly recommend all Blitz 1941 newbies to go through the game’s short yet informative tutorial, as it’s extremely easy to get confused without it.


Simple Gameplay


Gameplay-wise, Blitz 1941 is pretty straight forward. Each tank in the game has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Lighter tanks tend to have fewer hit points and armor, but tend to have superior speed and agility, while heavily armored tanks tend to be much more difficult to maneuver around but can deal much more damage. With over sixty different kinds of tanks, Blitz 1941 does have a fair amount of variety.


Combat in Blitz 1941 take place in real-time and can have up to 200 players on the screen simultaneously in 100 vs 100 battles. Players have a limited amount of ammo for each battle, but the quantity is so large that it might as well be infinite, as I’ve never even came close to even running low on ammo, let alone running out of ammo. One interesting aspect of the game’s combat is that damage dealt depends on where a target was hit. Most tanks tend to have the least armor in the rear, so try to aim behind an enemy for optimal damage.


Not so Epic Battles….


After reading on Blitz 1941′s official site about the epic tank battles that await, I was expecting something on par with Navy Field’s huge 64 vs. 64 battles. To my disappointment, the individual battle rooms only support up to eight players at once (4v4). Eight-player battles would still be fun if finding eight other people to play with didn’t take so long. In the level 1-7 newbie channel I was in, finding even four people to play with wasn’t easy.  On the plus side, it only took a few minutes to find a 1v1 game, which is still a bit ridiculous, but tolerable. Aside from the smaller ‘battle rooms’, players can battle it out in any of the game’s fifteen European cities, which exist in a persistent world, meaning players can battle in real time and actually take control of cities for their own faction.  This part of the game supports up 100 vs 100 ‘epic’ tank battles, but since finding even 4 people to play with is difficult, finding anywhere near 200 players is downright impossible. I would like to commend the Blitz 1941′s developers for creating such a unique game, and I can see how it could be fun if it had more players, but I can’t imagine why too many gamers would opt to play Blitz 1941 over more modern MMOs like K.O.S. Secret Operations or Battle Forge, especially since Blitz 1941 has quite a few drawbacks.


Quite a Few Drawbacks


There are unfortunately many more reasons not to play Blitz 1941 than there are to play it. Most notably, the game looks and feels as if it’s from 1999. On top of the game’s poor graphics is its ridiculously silly gameplay. After playing through the tutorial, I initially thought that the game’s tank battles would be interesting, but after playing several 1v1 matches I quickly revised my opinion. One versus one battles usually end up with both players getting as close as possible and taking turns firing at each other from point blank range. It’s a bit hard to explain, but combat is anything but fluid. The whole taking turns firing at each other in point blank range thing is obviously not a viable strategy in larger games, but unfortunately larger games are practically nonexistent, as very few people actually play Blitz 1941. Odds are, the few people who play Blitz 1941 regularly haven’t heard of or played Navy Field before, as Navy Field is remarkably similar in terms of core gameplay, but has infinitely more features.


Final Verdict – Poor


Blitz 1941 is a fairly unique game with a completely original theme. Unfortunately, it’s way too similar to the vastly superior Navy Field and has many of its own issues, most notably its dated graphics and incredibly small playerbase. It’s clear that Blitz 1941 was designed for ‘epic’ large scale battles and unfortunately the game doesn’t have nearly as many players as the developers envisioned.


Pros: +Unique gameplay and theme. +WASD Controls as well as point and click. +Historically accurate tanks and battlefields.


Cons: -Controls very difficult to master. -Few maps. -Limited tank customization options. -Only one game mode.



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