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Reviews on Game Dragons of Atlantis

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MMOHut's Review of Dragon's of Atlantis
created by: on 16 Jun 2011

Dragons of Atlantis Full Review
By MMOHut's Ange Perdu


Dragons of Atlantis is a 2D empire building strategy game that features a unique fantasy element. Enter a mystical land on the brink of extinction. As a member of one of the top ruling tribes players must build and rule their own city from the ground up. Construct various homes, farms, factories, and centers. Gather resources to supply your kingdom. Rule over citizens. Complete challenging quests. Research advanced technology to aid in troop training tactics. Conquer neighboring cities through intense battles. Appoint friends as generals to lead in combat. Raise a Great Dragon to attack foes. Reign supreme with your fellow alliance members as a force to be reckon with.


Saving Ancient Atlantis, the Gameplay


In Dragons of Atlantis most of the gameplay revolves around the construction of your kingdom, completing quests, and attacking other territories. Players start out with a fortress and Dragon’s Keep. Build various structures in empty lots located in the city or field areas. Each building has a different function that will contribute to the overall growth of your empire. Homes increase population. Theaters entertain boosting citizen happiness levels. Armor and weapons are made in the Metalsmith. Garrison’s allow users to train their troops. Establish a Sentinel, Muster Point, Officers’ Quarters, Rookery, Storage Vault, Factory, and Science Center. There are no specialty items that allow more than one structure to be built at a time. This makes the construction phase seem very slow. Resources gathered from farms, lumber mills, mines, and quarries are used as supplies. There is an extensive quest log similar to Kingdoms of Camelot which can be accessed throughout the game. Tasks usually involve building, researching, or militia training. Accomplish missions like increasing food production to 2,000 units or conquering a level 1 Anthropus Camp. Quests guide players in the construction of their empire. Additional resources or gold are also rewarded upon completion.


Assembling Your Mystical Army


Troops are trained in the Garrison. Clicking on the train tab will display various types of soldiers. Unlike Evony in Dragons of Atlantis players have broader range of mystical warriors to choose from. Recruit sword wielding Minotaurs, genetically manufactured giants, or Battle Dragons. Train Longbowmen, Halberdsmen, Spies, and Conscripts to wage war as well. Entering the map area allows players to initiate an attack or send spies out on a mission for Intel. A list of available troops will appear. Users can select the general to lead and the desired number of militia. Friends are appointed as generals. Status reports are sent describing a victory or defeat. The game also features a world and alliance chat box for players to communicate. Join an alliance or form your own. The online community is active and friendly. It’s easy to find a group or a few players to connect with while rising to power.


Calling the Dragons


One of the most unique features in Dragons of Atlantis is the dragons. Situated in the center of the empire next to the fortress is the Dragon’s Keep. Players raise a Great Dragon from an egg to adulthood. An animated baby dragon appears once hatched and slowly grows as players upgrade the cage. The dragon feature makes the game slightly more challenging. Rulers have to strategize to maintain the upkeep of their mystical beast while managing their city. To train these creatures research in Dragonry and Aerial Combat in the Science Center must be conducted. Players are not limited. It’s possible to build an entire army of dragons and riders to storm the skies blasting away opponents. Each empire has one Great Dragon that raises their overall defense. As players level up they can gain smaller Swift Strike and Armored Battle Dragons using the Rookery station. There is even a set of Great Dragon armor that can be purchased in the shop for when commanders send their dragon on attacks.


The Shop of Hops


All the items in the shop are infused with magic and technology. Although they require expensive rubies in order to purchase there’s a nice variety. Players can buy various encased crystals known as blinks, hops, jumps, leaps, and bolts. Similar to their name they quickly reduce building, researching, and training lengths. Mechanical harvest nanos are also available. They increase resource production for 24 hours or up to 7 days. A large amount of items in the shop are specifically designed for your dragon. Crimson balls to dragon hearts boost your creature’s attack abilities. The dark warp device allows users to warp their city to a random location instantly. Nano crates containing a week’s supply of resources or Chronos’ Bag with an assortment of speed-up items can be purchased for an edge. Glowing shields, armor, Fortuna’s tickets, cease fire treaties, chests, pseudonym grants, blitz, dragon water eggs, and other items that will aid in the development of your city can be found in the shop area.


Final Verdict: Great


Anyone who enjoys empire building strategy games will find Dragons of Atlantis quite addicting. The fantasy elements embedded throughout the game sets it apart from other popular MMORTS titles like Kingdom of Camelot, Evony, or Travian. The traditional medieval militia combines with magic and myths for a unique twist in gameplay.


Construct buildings, collect resources, raise a Great Dragon, and rule. Fight giants and monstrous Minotaurs along with drafted citizens. Complete quests. Research the latest in technology or purchase powerful stones to accelerate the process. Chat with other players in a dedicated community and forge alliances. Become the last tribe standing on the lost island known as Atlantis.


Pros: +Nice Graphics. +Plenty of quests. +Dragon feature. +Trade system. +Multiple chat options. +Active and friendly community.


Cons: -Only one structure can be built at a time. -Fee to disintegrate buildings. -Acceleration items require the purchase of expensive rubies.



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