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Prius Online: Review
created by: on 12 Jul 2011

Here is a review from Ange Perdu from MMOHut for the game Prius Online.

Prius Online Review

Prius Online is a 3D fantasy anime themed MMORPG where players enter a tormented world cursed by a vengeful God. As a reliable warrior suffering from amnesia users must embark on a dangerous mission to reclaim their memory and reputation as a hero. A young girl called Anima joins the journey. Forming a strong bond with her and a giant named Gigas players create a powerful team. Complete challenging quests aiding the destruction of evil in the land and unlock the mystery behind recent unexplainable events. Battle other players in the Coliseum to earn respect or participate in guild championships. The game features an in-depth storyline reminiscent of today’s popular anime series with an integrated three character development system.

Journey of a Warrior, the Gameplay

Players start out as warrior with a slight case of amnesia. Various cinematic cut scenes starring a user’s character plays on cue while progressing through the storyline. Most of the gameplay involves completing quests. There are three core types consisting of mission, story, and Anima tasks. A hero may have to deliver a package to a Battalion Officer stationed at a Desert Post or investigate an area. Many of the objectives require Adventors to slay creatures. Eradicate Ghost Owls, conquer the Greysnake Shamans, and eliminate the gigantic Muscle Rabbits. Lifs the in-game currency, rare items, and experience are usually awarded for completing missions. Although there are hundreds of monsters to slay grinding provide only small amounts of XP. Questing which often involves fighting is crucial for leveling. Similar to Divine Souls there’s a lot of different skills that can be mastered. The sleek interface allows users to quickly invest points into skill trees. Perform the Black Tear, Blood Pull, Seeing Red, Carnage, Infectious Presence, Grizzly Retort, Aketer’s Hand, or Dark Unification. The animations for each move are impressive. Most of the combat is automated turn based. Players click on the combative or magical skill they wish to execute during a battle. The tiny mini- map displayed in the corner of the screen notifies players of potential threats, their current location, and mission destination. The never-ending mountainous areas, deserts, woodlands, and swamps make for an arduous expedition. Some quests require players to find hidden realms or NPCs surrounded by fierce beasts. The gameplay is very challenging. Players have to perfect their navigation, fighting skills, and a bit of strategy to advance.

The Mysterious Anima & Her Giant

At level 10 players will receive a quest that introduces Anima. Once completed the mysterious girl joins the adventure as a companion. She can level up and earn skill points as well. Players must bond with her emotionally through communication. The selected characteristics of your Anima determine her personality. Whether active or dependent it’s up to you. The constant chatter of Anima was a bit annoying especially during difficult quests. They serve as supportive characters similar to the pet Pran system in Aika Online. Skills like the Dazzle stuns targets for 3 seconds and the Expose reduces an enemy’s defense by 10%. Giga is the third character in the game. Gigas are giant beasts devoted to Anima. They can be summoned to assist in battle against challenging bosses. Giga is also controlled by players. When heroes reach level 54 they can enter the Coliseum for PvP combat. Although, throughout the world of Prius players are able to initiate a duel with another random player there is a penalty for PK if performed too often. There’s a bounty system that allows users to list annoying players for a hit. In the Coliseum 4 or more players can wage war. Guild battles can also take place with 10 to 40 warriors per team. Most of the PvP features are designed for veteran players. There’s also a cool emotion display feature that allows a player’s character to perform an action like flirting, smiling, clapping, crying, or blowing a kiss. It adds a Sims-like appeal to the game.

Crystal Cave to Swamp of Death

Traveling can be a nuisance in the game. Players usually have to trek across vast terrains in search of special realms or dungeon entrances. It can take forever to get from point A to B and back. Fortunately for heroes with enough lif or coins they can travel in a mechanical vehicle called the Celero. These units allow players automatic teleportation to certain locations. Once activated the device drives itself to your desired destination. The only thing a player has to do is relax and enjoy the scenery. This feature makes moving fast and comfortable. Celero Stations are scattered throughout different territories. When a player stumbles upon one they can simply click and pick their route via a map displaying various locations available. The process is not very expensive. Each trip is only 10 lifs. Riding the Celero is a fun option that definitely beats walking which is often a hassle. Many of the missions require players to find distant NPC or caves. It’s easy to get lost or killed while traveling. There are dozens of massive dungeons like the Crystal Cave, Vicious Mansion, Tomb of Hero, and treacherous Venom Ground. Prius also features an ingenious donation program. At the Donation Manager NPC a warrior can donate their lifs or coins to those in need. They are delivered to other Adventors in the continent with the donator’s name on it. All generous donators are given a reward for their good deed. Random players automatically receive the donation when they’ve reached an achievement in their journal. It’s an excellent feature for maintaining an even playing field in terms of items and weaponry.

In the Merchant Shops

Depending on hero’s class or level a variety of armor and accessories can be purchased using lifs in one of the merchant shops. The shop selection is relatively small. Many of the items are somewhat generic making it difficult to customize a character to stand out. Buy breast armor, pants, gauntlet, shirts, trousers, boots, belts, fans, shoulder straps, tights, and wrist protectors. Items are made out of snake skin, luxurious sheep skin, or leather. In the Accessory Boutique jade pendants, bronze necklaces, pearl studs, gold rings, and silver earrings that boost stats in battle are available. Special Coliseum items that possess the ability to increase attack and defense stats during battles are sold in shops too. Warriors can prepare for combat with Heroic grade clothing and armor. Invest in the Aus Raven’s Battle Knuckles, Dark Raven Suit, or Dual Sword. Weapons much like the rest of the items in Prius could be better. The lack of variety is disappointing. Each class has a set of standard weapons. Equip character’s with the Legionnaire’s Sword, Knight’s Rapier, Wind Raven’s Lute, Occultist’s Staff, Wanderer’s Dagger, Cheap Traveler’s Bow, Gunslinger’s Pistol, or Veteran’s Rifle. There’s also an Auction House where players can sell unwanted items to others. Bid on Noble Tuner’s Clothes, Unusual juggernauts Pants, Ranger’s Ankle band, Torturer’s Bloodstone, various potions, and cooking ingredients.

Final Verdict: Great

The three character system, anime style graphics, and engrossing storyline give gamers on a one-of-a-kind adventure. In Prius Online players become a hero on a mission to save the world from evil. Enter a unique enchanted land filled with mysterious secrets and creatures. Tackle challenging quests accompanied by mysterious Anima and her giant Gigas. Explore various realms and dungeons. Battle other warriors in the Coliseum or duel rivals on your own turf. Players who enjoy games like Aika Online or Divine Souls will enjoy this polished fantasy themed MMORPG as well. This game is addictive and loads of fun.

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