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Reviews on Game Aerrevan

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Pre-Launch Preview
created by:Michael on 22 Oct 2011

 Aerrevan is a promising game from the developers at CubeForce Media. Aerrevan is set in a beautifully medieval world, on the continent Lurris. The players can choose between three walks of life: Elves, Orcs and Humans. Each race has its own starting area in this Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).

The game plays around whether the player chooses to side with one of the two Great Mages. These mages carry two different views on how to deal with the catastrophe of the Baehoman meteor. The meteor crashed into Lurris and with it came an excess of life force known to Lurris as Aer.

The Aer is what drives the game. The objective of the game is to decide whether you will help the Great Mage Kalam in his attempts to advance society, or join the Great Mage Vastellyn, who wants to bring back the balance of Aer as before the meteor came. This Aer also carries a mystic force within it. As it is the essence of life on Lurris, it means that it needs to be balanced within the body or it may cause some harm. If the player strays too far into a heavily ‘Aer infected’ zone then he can succumb to ‘Aer sickness’ and may even end up mutating, both of these having their different effects on the character.

Aerrevan is a uniquely intelligent game for players. A player can open a personal shop and hire a townsperson to watch over it. Interaction with the Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) is on a scale all on its own, with a textbox the player can use to speak with NPCs and with which the NPC will be able to comprehend and speak back.

The Player Versus Player (PVP) aspect is on a larger scale than most of the MMORPGs to date. PVP depends on both the particular Great Mage the player supports as well as the guilds he joins. From there the players can gain territory in Lurris and eventually, if they remain the local guild for long enough, will have influence over trade supplies and other territorial advantages within the region.

While the game does offer a new perspective on the MMORPG world, it does falter in some areas. Graphics are a bit blocky; the world seems a little too large given the cities and towns to which one travels. Granted, it is a more realistic look at the medieval game, but it is still too unrefined. CubeForce Media is also a new game developer and the market for this game is a little too broad: Trying to get as many people hooked before they decide which direction they would like to go is a little too ambitious for such a new company.

Aerrevan may be the new kid on the block but it does have a lot to offer a serious gamer. The diehard player may have issues with the quality of graphics, but will still be able to escape into the unique PVP. Casual players may find that they enjoy the unique game, even if they get bored with the sparseness of the world. In the end any person who gives this game a chance will not be dissatisfied.

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